About the Probation Department

The San Bernardino County Probation Department has always represented the very best of law and justice agencies throughout the state. The department supervises and provides case management services for approximately 16,800 adult offenders and approximately 575 youthful offenders and an additional 75 youth in our Central Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center.  Additionally, we also operate and manage the Gateway to ARISE program which is a secure youth facility providing treatment, programming and education services to 21 youthful offenders.  We also oversee approximately 50 youth housed in Short Term Residential Treatment Programs throughout the state.  Our officers act as an investigative arm of the San Bernardino Superior Court and Juvenile Courts, providing sentencing reports and legal recommendations, evaluations, and victim services.  

The San Bernardino County Probation Department works toward goals of maintaining an effective balance between the enforcement of laws and court orders and the treatment of the causes of delinquency and criminal conduct.  Persons who come under the jurisdiction of our department receive a thorough assessment of their risk to the community as well as strengths and needs to assist them in becoming productive, successful members of our community.

Our Mission

Building stronger families and safer communities by improving the lives of those we serve through assessment, treatment, rehabilitative services, and enforcement.


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175 West Fifth Street, 4th Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0460
Phone (909) 386-1810 
Fax (909) 387-5600

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