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Adult Probation FAQ's 

What is felony probation? 
Felony probation provides an offender the benefit of supervision in the community, instead of prison. Offenders are given terms and conditions of probation to follow for three to five years.  If the offender violates those terms and conditions of probation, they could be sentenced to serve the remainder of their sentence in County or State Prison.

What is misdemeanor probation? 
When an offender is convicted of misdemeanor charges, sentencing can range from probation, jail time, fines, community service or a combination of any of the above consequences. Misdemeanor probation, also known as court, summary, or informal probation, is supervised by the court, not the probation department. If an offender's misdemeanor probation terms requires classes, community service, counseling, etc., they are held accountable by the court.

How do I sign up for classes offered by probation?
Upon your initial check in with the probation department, you will have an orientation and assessment, many classes will be offered to you for your success while on probation. At any time, you may contact your local Day Reporting and Reentry Services Center to request to enroll in available classes. You may also contact your assigned probation officer for information about classes.   

How do I clear a warrant?
Contact your attorney, turn yourself into a law enforcement agency or to the San Bernardino County Probation Department.

I was arrested on a violation of probation, can I post bail? 
Bail cannot be posted for a violation of probation (VOP).

What do I do if I am arrested while on probation supervision?  
If you are arrested, charged with any offense, or have any police contact, notify your probation officer immediately.

What if I have to move?
Immediately notify your probation officer about your plans to move. Once you have moved, immediately report to the probation office and request to fill out a change of address form.

What if I have a “NO CONTACT” order?
You must not have or attempt to have any contact with the person or place. Any contact is a violation of probation. If that person tries to contact you, do not agree to make contact, tell your probation officer immediately.

I want to report someone on probation, what can I do? 
If this is a life threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you believe someone is violating their probation terms, you can contact the probation department and request to speak with the assigned officer or the Officer Of The Day and report your concerns.

My probation expired, now what?
Your probation case will be closed and you no longer need to check in. You will not receive notification from the probation department regarding your case being expired and closed.
You can also check the status of your court case online ( to confirm your expiration date.

Can I get off probation earlier? 
Early termination depends on your eligibility. You must have complied with all terms and conditions of probation, completed at least half of your probation term. You can request an early termination through your assigned probation officer.

I am off probation, can I expunge my record? 
Yes, pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4. If you are interested in this process consult with your attorney. 

Who is permitted to register to vote?

Persons with a criminal history who can register to vote:

  • In county jail:
    • serving a misdemeanor sentence (a misdemeanor never affects your right to vote)
    • Because jail time is a condition of probation (misdemeanor or felony)
    • Serving a felony jail sentence
    • Awaiting trial
  • On parole
  • On probation
  • On mandatory supervision
  • On post-release community supervision
  • On federal supervised release
  • A person with a juvenile wardship adjudication 

Who is not allowed to register and vote?

Persons with a criminal history and currently serving a state or federal prison term for the conviction of a felony in:

  • State prison
  • Federal prison
  • County jail or other correctional facility* 

Can I register to vote and vote once I have finished serving my term?

Yes. Once you have finished serving your term, your right to vote is restored.  However, you must register online at or by filling out a paper voter registration card.

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