Beyond the Badge

Being a Beacon of Positivity by Giving Back to Her Community

Probation Corrections Supervisor II (PCSII), Gina Martinez is currently employed by the San Bernardino County Probation Department where she works at the Gateway to ARISE Program which is located in Apple Valley. Ms. Martinez enjoys her job and takes great pride in her leadership skills. However, when she is off the clock, she takes off her badge, changes into comfortable clothing and helps her community in many ways. Ms. Martinez assists the community with gathering and distributing clothing, food, personal hygiene bags, household goods and furniture through a non-profit organization called God’s Hand Extended. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ms. Martinez increased her outreach efforts by delivering breakfasts to hospitals and other local businesses to help them start their day in a positive way.  Ms. Martinez also provided hand-made gift baskets to all of her staff who worked in her area to show her appreciation for their hard work during those uncertain times.

Ms. Martinez began volunteering for her community right out of high school and she plans on continuing into her retirement years. 

Full-time Probation Officer. Part-time Wish Granter

Probation Officer III Darla Brockus makes wishes come true.

For nine years, she has volunteered as a Wish Granter for the Make A Wish (MAW) Foundation Orange County and Inland Empire. In more complex terms Brockus is in charge of organizing and bringing a sick child’s wish to reality. She goes to the child’s home or hospital room to speak with them and their family to determine their ultimate wish. When it is time for the wish to come true, she helps throw a wish party to reveal all the details of the wish. She also follows up with the recipient after the wish to make sure everything went well. During her time as a volunteer, she has been involved with more than 150 wishes. “I love it! I have done shopping sprees, meet and greets, superhero wishes, a military wish, a police officer wish, Disney wishes, computer wishes, room re-do’s, a kid who wrote his own book and parties for families. "I even organized a Quinceañera,” said Brockus, who has been with the Probation Department for almost 18 years.




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