Guiding Principles and Values

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional services to the courts, the community and our clients. With concern for providing credible leadership within the criminal justice system and innovation in our programs, we seek the optimal and creative use of resources. Accountability is a vital component of all we do.

Importance of the individual
We treat all people in a dignified, respectful and courteous manner, and we strive to recognize the unique and special needs of each person. We appreciate the cultural diversity of coworkers and clients and are sensitive to their varying requirements. 

Ethical Conduct
We believe in, and exemplify ethical behavior in our interaction with others and in the accomplishment of our daily tasks. We are committed to providing fair, consistent and honest treatment to all people. We will act without prejudice and be objective in the performance of our duties.

Staff as a primary resource
We act with professionalism, competence and integrity, as we do the work of our organization. We provide opportunities for personal and professional development, and we participate in departmental planning and decision-making. We endeavor to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among staff and between staff and management.
The ability to change and grow
We believe in the potential of people to adopt positive behavior, and we provide them the opportunity to do so.

The importance of our communities and the safety of the public
We are aware of our responsibilities to the individual and the community. We invite and encourage citizen participation, involvement and support to plan, deliver and evaluate programs. Public safety is our principal concern in all of our practices and policies. We are alert to the needs of victims and endeavor to represent them appropriately.

Families are a significant source of support
We believe families are important to the structure of society, and we strive to strengthen them in all our programs and activities.

A safe and healthy environment 
We are committed to providing a safe and secure work and living environment for our staff and clients.

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