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Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program (ILP) provides services to youth in and out of placement.  ILP provides youth workshops such as education and employment conferences and life skills classes and access to events to educate and assist youth and young adults who are released from out-of-home placement.
Each year ILP strives to find new and innovative ways to assist youth toward self-sufficiency.  ILP Probation Officers work with the youth to create a Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP), which details goals for the successful transition toward adulthood.   

What is TILP?
The Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) is developed by the youth and their probation officer, which details the goals to be met to successfully transition toward adulthood. The plan also identifies activities necessary to meet goals and who will help the youth achieve these goals.

Who is eligible?
  • Youth who had a placement order between the ages of 16-18
  • Youth who were placed in a Title IVE placement from ages 16-18 are eligible for ILP services while placed and after placement until their 21st birthday
  • Youth placed in a non Title IVE placement like a Camp or Ranch between the ages of 16-18 are eligible after leaving or completing this program
  • Youth who were/are 16 years of age, up to 18 years of age and in receipt of the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program (KinGap) assistance
How do I obtain ILP services?
  1. Contact your probation officer or ILP Unit to find out if you are eligible: email
  2. Request a referral from your probation officer for ILP services
  3. Meet with your probation officer to complete the Ansell Casey Assessment and TILP
  4. Follow up with ILP for an ILP orientation appointment
  5. Stay connected and stay involved with ILP.  Show up to ILP events, ask for what you need and want, and start building the life that you want to live.
ILP Housing Resources

ILP can refer youth to several types of transitional housing.
  • THP-PLUS: Youth reside in individual apartments in the community.  These apartments are provided for youth ages 18 to 24, for a total of 24 months. The apartments are within San Bernardino County.  Other options are for transitional housing include host families, renting a room from a former foster family, relative or friend.  Must have emancipated out of foster care at 18.
  • THP+FC: Provides long-term affordable housing and case management services in a form of supervised apartment living for non-minor dependents on AB12 (ages 18-21), who are participating in educational and employment opportunities.  Also must have current placement order.
  • Emergency Housing Services - Emergency housing assistance through referrals to temporary or long-term shelter programs.
Email: ILP@prob.sbcounty.gov  

ILP Coordinator
Eileen Holguin
Office (909)383-2907
Cell (909)454-8713

ILP Recruiter
Ana Arevalo 
Office (909)383-2911
Cell (909) 241-7479

Office Location
150 West 5th Street
San Bernardino, CA 92415

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