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 The San Bernardino County Probation Department appreciates your interest in our department. 

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Currently no open positions.


The Probation Department will recruit when positions are available for Probation Officers I and II, who are peace officers responsible for: investigating offenses and social history backgrounds of adult or juvenile offenders; writing reports and making recommendations to the court relative to adult and juvenile cases; supervising and counseling probationers, Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS), and mandatory supervision clients, in order to meet the conditions and goals of their probation; and conducting field investigations.

Probation Officer I
Probation Officer II
Assignments are available throughout San Bernardino County.



The Probation Department will recruit when positions are available for Probation Corrections Officer Trainees (PCOT) who are assigned to the juvenile detention and treatment facilities and work under immediate supervision. These positions primarily perform counseling, guidance, supervision, care and custody of pre and post-adjudicated youth in the detention facilities.

New hires may fill Rover positions. Rovers work to fill staffing needs at both detention and treatment facilities, and may be assigned to work any shift on a 24 hour per day/7 day per week basis, with regularly scheduled days off. Rovers are provided with a minimum of two (2) hours notification prior to their shift assignment on the scheduled work day. Rovers shall be assigned to facilities based on their preference whenever possible. However, this is not a guarantee that they will be assigned to a specific location; assignments will be based on the needs and operations of the department. 

Probation Corrections Officer Trainee  
Probation Corrections Officer  




Administrative Supervisor I

Executive Secretary III 

Mail Processor II 

Office Assistant II 

Office Assistant III 

Office Assistant IV 

Office Specialist 

Secretary I 

Staff Analyst II

Statistical Analyst 


Stores Specialist 

Supervising Office Assistant

Supervising Office Specialist



Applications Specialist

Automated Systems Analyst I 

Automated Systems Technician 

IT Technical Assistant I

Supervising Automated Systems Analyst II 



Probation Cook I 

Probation Cook II 

Probation Food Service Supervisor 

Probation Food Service Worker 



Custodian I 

General Maintenance Mechanic 

Supervising Custodian 



Accountant III 

Accounting Technician 

Fiscal Assistant 

Fiscal Specialist 

Payroll Specialist 

Supervising Accounting Technician 

Supervising Fiscal Specialist 



Clinic Assistant 

Clinical Therapist I 

Clinical Therapist II 

Correctional Nurse 

Correctional Nurse II 

Licensed Vocational Nurse II 

Mental Health Clinic Supervisor 

Quality Management Specialist

Supervising Correctional Nurse I

Supervising Correctional Nurse II  


Background Investigator 

Crime Analyst Trainee 

Crime Analyst 

Domestic Violence Program Coordinator 

Media Specialist I 

Media Specialist II 


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