Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC) is a volunteer organization comprised of members who are residents within San Bernardino County. The JJDPC is a state mandated commission, established through the provisions of Sections 225 and 233 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The commission consists of no less than seven and no more than 15 volunteer members, including two youth members. The commissioners are sworn in and appointed by the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge.

Commission members devote their time and energy to participate in coordinating activities designed to prevent juvenile delinquency. Each year, as mandated by the law, JJDPC Commissioners conduct annual inspections of facilities or areas where minors are temporarily detained. Commissioners also inspect the Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers of the County.

Each Fall, an Annual Recognition of Service to Youth Awards ceremony is hosted by the JJDPC. This event provides recognition and acknowledgement of individuals, organizations, and corporations throughout San Bernardino County who have made significant contributions on behalf of our youth in the community.

The following were honored in 2017: 

Individual Awards: 
Don Williams Memorial Award

Daniel F. Marmolejo - Sergeant, Redlands Unified School District - Redlands, CA
Gordan Leary - Chief of School Safety - Rialto Unified School District, CA
Laura McMullen - Teacher - Rialto Unified School District, CA
William C. Burnett Jr. - Probation Corrections Officer - SBC Probation - San Bernardino, CA
Tasha Bruce - Probation Officer II - SBC Probation - San Bernardino, CA
Sean Bryant - Probation Officer II - SBC Probation - San Bernardino, CA
Leilani Negrete - Volunteer - Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Empire
Dana Ray - Court Appointed Special Advocate - C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County - Colton, CA
 Public Agency: 

Camp Good Grief - Run by: Flerida Alarcon - Chief of Victim Services - District Attorney's Office San Bernardino, CA
PRIDE Platoon - Rialto Police Department - Rialto, CA
The Youth Justice Center Team - SBC Probation - San Bernardino, CA
San Bernardino County Board of Education - San Bernardino, CA

Service Organization:

Women United of Arrowhead United Way - Arrowhead United Way - San Bernardino, CA


Jr. F.L.I.P - Fontana United School District - Fontana, CA

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC) is seeking new dedicated volunteer applicants to fill vacant positions. Those who wish to serve on the commission must reside in San Bernardino County, pass a criminal background investigation, and possess a sincere interest in the juvenile justice system. Mandatory meetings are held once a month, usually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in San Bernardino. Additional commitment hours vary each month to conduct commission duties and activities. 

JJDPC Contact information
Phone: (909)387-6114
Mail: 175 W. 5th St., 4th Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415
Email: jjdpc@prob.sbcounty.gov

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission

Presiding Juvenile Court Judge: The Honorable Annemarie G. Pace

Earl Smith  Chair 

Joyce Frevert – 1st Vice Chair

Dr. Frances Coles – 2nd Vice Chair

Diana Martin – Secretary

Probation Officer III Yaquelin Galvan – Coordinator

Dr. John D. Reitzel – Commissioner

Dwaine Radden Sr. – Commissioner

Edward Brantley – Commissioner

Catherine Meister – Commissioner

Diana Martin - Commissioner

Main Programs


175 West Fifth Street, 4th Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415-0460
Phone (909) 386-1810 
Fax (909) 387-5600

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