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10-88 Soft Back#14 Non-Discrimination - Harassment Policy 5585 Evaluation Access to Legal Services Access to Library Services Active Shooter Administrative Separation Adult Court Reports Adult Extraditions Adult Hold Orders-Remands Adult Interstate Compact Aids to Reduce Effects of Impairment Alternate Work Schedules Appeal Applicability of Standards-Juvenile Hall Appointment and Qualification Arming Policy Arrest Arrest Warrants Requesting and Serving Asset Forfeiture Bail Bond Release Behavior Dollar System Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Board of Supervisor Resolutions Body Armor Building Security-Visitor Escort CAIS-JAIS Correctional Assessment and Intervention System Case Closing ProcessCE Documentation Caseload Audits and Assignment of Vacant CaseloadsCCW-Carrying a Concealed Weapon Administrative Annual Review Canine (K9) Clandestine Laboratory CLETS Closed Circuit Television Security System (CCTSS) Digital In-Vehicle Recording System (DIVRS) Code Blue and First Aid Code Green Code of Silence [John Doe] Code Red Collection of Forensic Evidence Complaints Policy Computer Information Security Computer Server Room Access Computer Sign-on and Access Controls Computer Systems and Data Security Confidential Health Records Confidentiality of Juvenile Court Records Conflict of Interest Consent, Informing Obligation and Refusal of Health Care Treatment Conservatorship ProceedingsCoordinated Response to Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment in the Juvenile Detention and Assessment CentersCounseling and Casework Services in Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers (JDACs) and Treatment Facilities Correspondence of Youth Courtesy Supervision Acceptance Credentials and Privileges of Health Providers Evidence Processor Death of a Youth While Detained in a Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center or Treatment Facility Dental Services - Routine and Emergency Department Emergency Operations Plan Department Investigations - Critical Incident Reviews Department Issued Cell Phones Detention of Welfare and Institution Code 601 Minors Determination of Case Responsibility Determining Medi-Cal Eligibility Discipline Process DNA Buccal Sample Collection Drug Screening Duty Belts in JDACs and TFs Duty Dress Standards, Uniform, Requirements, Grooming Education Program EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Electronic Communication Electronic Devices in the JDACs and TFs Electronic Devices Communications Search and Seizure Electronic Recording of Incidents in Detention Centers and Treatment Facilities Electronic Recordings Emergency Situations, JDACs and TFs Employee Disciplinary Records Employee Recognition Employee Responsibility Policy Equipment Responsibility Ergonomic Evaluation Request Evidence Evidence Processor Evidence Storage & Disposition Expandable Baton External Affairs Facility Sanitation, Safety, and Maintenance Field Commander Field Training Officer (FTO) Program Fitness FacilitiesForce Options - Use of Force and Reporting Requirements for Community Corrections Forced Entry
Foster Youth Credit Report Furloughs Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking Goals and Programs Policy Grievances and Appeals Guidelines for Committee Participation Handling of Contraband and Evidence Health Assessments Health Care Monitoring and Audits Health Care Services, Delivery, Scope and Qualifications Health Education and Promotion Health Kardex and Unit Treatments Health Services Department Policy Statements  Health Services Operational Manual Health Services Staffing Plan Heat and Illness Prevention Plan Home Calls and Searches in the Field Honor Guard Program Hospital Watch Hostages Housing Assessments and Classifications Immigration and Consulate Notifications Incident Reports Incident Reports Related to County Property Incidents of Gassing in JDACS and Treatment Facilities Independent Living Skills ILSP Program Individualized Treatment Program (ITP) For Behavior Management Individualized Treatment Watch (ITW) Industrial Truck Program Infection Control Program Injury and Illness Prevention Procedure IIPP Intake MAYSI Screening Assessment and AdmittanceINTER-BUREAU CASELOAD COMMUNICATION Intake Maysi Attachment F- Information Verification FormIntercounty Jurisdiction Transfers Inter-Facility Transfer of Youth between Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers (JDACs) and Treatment Facilities Interstate Compact Intoxicated and Substance Abusing Youth Interview Process- Promotional and Non-Sworn New Hires JDAC-TF Operating Procedures Preparedness, Equipment, Supplies, and Response Juvenile Case Plan Juvenile Criminal History Information
Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center & Treatment Facility Inspections, Reports, and Security Review Juvenile Facility Capacity Juvenile Interrogation Juvenile Interstate CompactsJuvenile Offenders Sentenced to Adult Probation Juvenile Placements Juvenile Restitution Process JV-220- Court Application for Psychotropic Medication for Minors with Recommendations for Placement Key Control in Juvenile Detention and Assessments Centers  Keys-Alarms Codes-Fobs Assignment Leave Time Request Detention Corrections Bureau Letters of Reference Letters of Reprimand, Notice of Disciplinary Action and Appeals LGBTQI and GNC Youth in JDACs and TFs Line-of-Duty Death Catastrophic Injury Local Wellness Program Management of Chronic Diseases Management of Communicable Diseases Management of Terminal Illness Material Management and Inventory Control Medical Separation Medical Treatment Plan and Communication of Special Needs Medical Watch Metal Shields and Badges Modified Duty Placement Process-Permanent and Stationary Restrictions Movement of Non-Compliant Minor in JDACs and-or Treatment Facility Multi-Disciplinary Team Naloxone Canine (K9)Naloxone Hydrochloride  New Crime Detention and Treatment Facilities Notification of Relatives When a Minor is removed from the Home Nutritional Program and Procedure
O.C. Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum) Occupational Injuries and Illness Prevention Program Off Duty Conduct Offender Record Security Officer Involved Shooting and Discharge of a Firearm Offsite Transport of Detained Youth On Call Duty Officer On-Call Division Director Outside Employment-Volunteer Employment Overtime Participation in Research Peer Support Program Personal Hygiene of Youth Personnel Employment Process Policy Personnel Files Pharmaceutical Responsibilities for Medical Services Pharmaceutical Responsibilities for Custody and Treatment Staff Placement or Detention of Minors Policy Policy and Procedure Manual Population Accounting Population Count Prepaid Debit Gift Prison Rape Elimination Act Probation Corrections Officer Rovers Probation Employees Working at Off Site Locations Probationer Drug Screening Processing and Storage of Money and Valuables for Youth in JDAC's Program Responsibilities Prohibited Association Psychiatric Services and Psychotropic Medications Purchasing Process Radio Communication Reassignment of Employees Policy Reassignment Transfer of Probation Officers Recreation Programs and Exercise Reimbursement on Travel Expenses
Relations with Other Agencies Policy Release of Information from Personnel Records Release of Information Regarding Past, Present or Potential Employees Release of Information to Victims Release of Youth Religious Programs Removable Storage Media Report of Legal Action against Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center and Employees Reporting Criminal Threats Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse Request and Release of Health Records Requesting Police Assistance Required JDAC Notifications of a Youth's Emergency Transportation Hospital Admittance (Non-Death) Residence Determination Responsibilities-Duties of Training Unit Supervisor Responsibility for Health Care Services Retention and Disposal of Records Revocation of Probation Roles and Responsibilities of Probation Corrections Supervisors (PCSI-II) Roles and Responsibilities of Probation Corrections Supervisors (PCSI-II)  Room Confinement Safety Checks in Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers (JDAC’s) and Treatment Facilities (TF’s) Safety Policy Searches in Detention and Treatment Facilities Security Reviews for the JDACs and TFsSeniority Scheduling for Living Units Service Animals Service of Legal Documents Sexual Harassment Policy Smoke Free Environment Special Interest Cases and High Profile Notice Special Needs Minor_ Disability IEP Policy Staffing Juvenile Detention and Assessment Centers (JDACs) and Treatment Facilities (TFs) Standard JDAC Clothing, Bedding and Linens Issue Subpoena Service to Detainees Service to Employees Suicide Prevention Policy Suicide Prevention Program Supervision of Probationers (23_0) Supervisor's Employee Desk Files (525_1) Suspected Dependent Adult-Elder Abuse (383_0) Taser -Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) TDO #60 Gateway Program, Phase II, Key Process TDO #64 San Bernardino County Probation Department Fitness FacilitiesTDO #65 - Long GunsTDO #66 COVID-19 Juvenile Detention Safety Measures Telework Program Telephone Access Televised Programs Temporary Modified Duty Process Terminating Probation Under 1203.3 P.C Terminating Probation Under 1203.4 P.C The Defense Attorney The San Bernardino County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission Policy Training Guidelines Training Policy Transporting in County Vehicles Travel Approvals Travel Expense Advance Travel Permits Adult Travel Time Compensation Treatment and Requests for Health Care Services (Non-Emergency) Trust Fund -Cash-Negotiable Instruments Handling and Delivery for Deposit to Fiscal Trust Funds Use and Possession of Commercial DVDs Videos in JDAC or Treatment Facilities Personal and Department Issued Use of County Telephone System Use of County Vehicles Use of Force Administrative Review Use of Force and Reporting Requirements for JDACs and TFs Use of Force Guidelines Policy Use of Force Training for Administration and Sworn Managers Use of Juvenile Records in Adult Court Reports Use of Minors Name in Adult Court Reports Use of Petty Cash Fund Use of Physical Restraints in JDACs and Treatment Facilities Use of Public Carriers for County Business Violations Visitation in JDAC.TF Volunteer Program Volunteers Policy Volunteers in Probation Waiver of  Rights Watch Commander Duties and Responsibilities Wristbands and Youth Movement
Work Performance Evaluations Work Performance Improvement Plan (WPIP) Work Program Workers Compensation Injuries WPE Database and Policy-Procedure-TDO Acknowledgement Youth Accountability Board Youth Parent Orientation Handbook Youth Supervision Staff Orientation, and Training

* = Procedure is in the process of being updated

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